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Permanent laser hair removal at Visage Medispa

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How many sessions will it take to get a result?

On average 6 sessions will deliver a great result. Based on your skin type our clinical aestheticians will be able to determine which level to perform your treatments on to get you the best result possible

Do I need to let hair grow in order for you to perform the treatment.

No. In fact, you must come in clean shaven on all areas to be treated in order for us to perform the treatment. All waxing and tweezing should be discontinued.

What type of laser do you use?

Our facility offers two different lasers for hair removal, a Diode Laser and an IPL.

How many deals can you purchase and can you do more then one on the same day?

You can Purchase up to 3 vouchers and yes you can use them together.

What if I am an existing client, can I still purchase a voucher?

Yes we encourage all clients to purchase a voucher.

What happens if I need more than six sessions?

If you need more than six sessions on any area we have a maintenance program. These prices are significantly less then full price laser treatments.

What is the difference between partial bikini and brazilian?

Partial bikini is the immediate area around the bathing suit line about the width of two fingers. Brazilian is full coverage.

Can i do 3 sessions of one area and 3 sessions of another area?

Unfortunately, like the fine print states we are unable to transfer areas for this deal. All six sessions have to be used towards the same area. Additionally, the voucher purchased will only apply to the specific area listed in the deal. Spot treatments can be added for an additional fee at time of treatment.

Does the chin include the jaw line?

The chin does not include jaw line or neck.

We hope that this helps you to make a more informed decision about your purchase, please do not hesitate to call our office at (631)736-7336 with any further questions you may have. Our clients' satisfaction is our main priority. Here at Visage' M E D I S P A & Cosmetic Laser Center, we do our best to give each person who walks through our door the time and attention they deserve. Make your appointment today and discover why we are the leaders in laser hair removal.

Contact Visage today, to learn more about our long island laser hair removal treatment:

Laser Hair Removal Before and After Photos:

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